An auto-responder is usually a predefined email, which is sent automatically as an answer to every message received inside a mailbox with this function enabled. Two of the most common instances for using this feature are automatic emails that one is briefly out of the office or that an order is received successfully. An auto-responder could also be used as a standard confirmation that an email has been delivered successfully, which may be something rather important in business communication. The message which is sent can be more or less anything and could be modified depending on the situations and exactly what the auto-responder will be employed for. As the feature is enabled server-side, there isn’t anything you are required to do by hand and you don't need an e-mail application to be active constantly for the automatic reply to be sent to the individual sending you an e-mail.

Auto-responder Emails in Shared Web Hosting

In case you host your domains in a shared web hosting account through our company, you'll be able to set up an auto-responder message for the email addresses that you make from the account. You will be able to see all email addresses listed alphabetically with your Hepsia Control Panel and all it takes to activate the function is either to click the auto-responder icon for any email address or to right-click on that mailbox and then to select the feature from the context menu. A box will appear on your screen and you simply will have to write the desired message and save it, so setting up an auto-responder takes basically just two clicks. In the exact same way you are able to furthermore delete or update an active message. Hepsia allows you even to set up an auto-responder for several mailboxes at once, which can save precious time if multiple people are using e-mails that you've created to take time off, for example.